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Decorative Metal Shelf Bracket

decorative metal shelf bracket

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decorative metal shelf bracket - Rubbermaid 5E20

Rubbermaid 5E20 FastTrack 16-Inch Bracket with Clips

Rubbermaid 5E20 FastTrack 16-Inch Bracket with Clips

Rubbermaid 5E20FTSNCKL FastTrack; 16" Shelf Bracket, Satin NickelRubbermaid 5E20FTSNCKL FastTrack; 16" Shelf Bracket, Satin Nickel Features:; Holds up to 350 lbs per shelf; 16" deep to hold large items; Includes speed clips to help lock wire shelf in place and allow quick removal of wood shelf when repositioning it; Installation requires a Rubbermaid Hardware Kit, Upright Extension Kit or Brackets; Works with wood or wire shelves, not included; Satin Nickel; 26" x 0.48" x 16.55" assembled dimensions

This 16-inch bracket supports both wood and wire shelves, offering up to 350 pounds of storage capacity in conjunction with another bracket, uprights, and a shelf (sold separately). Each bracket has comes with Rubbermaid speed clips to help lock both a wire shelf in place and allow quick removal of a wood shelf when repositioning. A satin nickel epoxy powder coated resists chipping and cracking. --Brian D. Olson
What's in the Box
One bracket with clips

81% (12)

White Cabinet NIB $100

White Cabinet NIB $100

Product Code: SPCC22WH
SKU# 484-153
Carton Size: 6 1/2"x24 7/8"x75 3/4"
Weight: 244 lbs.
One cabinet, three ways - wardrobe,storage or combination.
Secure cam & bolt assembly.
Full back panel.
(6) adjustable shelves.
Durable white melamine finish.
Heavy duty metal adjustable hinges.
Decorative pulls and assembly hardware included.
(1) full width fixed shelf.
(2) wardrobe poles.
Key lock for security.
Also packed with an “L" bracket for anti-tip security mounting.



My Metal Fabrication Tools: Round class at The Crucible is not what I expected. We're learning how to use cold bending tools. I kept wanting to go into the smithy and beat on my classwork rather than using the bending forks in class. Most everyone in class is making a decorative shelf bracket. I opted to make a slim/shallow ceiling LED light fixture. ...or a really big 18" trivet.

decorative metal shelf bracket

decorative metal shelf bracket

Stanley Hardware 7-by-8-Inch Modern Shelf Bracket, Satin Nickel #250597

Stanley Tools 250597 7" X 8" Modern Decorative Shelf Bracket, Satin NickelStanley Tools 250597 7" X 8" Modern Decorative Shelf Bracket, Satin Nickel Features:; A decorative way to change the look of your shelves; ANSI/BHMA Grade 1; 200 lbs capacity; Over 85% stronger than other brackets; Modern style; 7" x 8"; Carded; Satin Nickel

The Stanley Hardware 7-by-8-inch Modern Shelf Bracket provides both a functional addition and decorative touch to homes and work spaces. With an improved stronger tip design, this steel scroll shelf bracket exceeds BHMA standards and has a weight rating of 200 pounds when the brackets are spaced at a maximum of 32 inches apart. These satin nickel-plated brackets include finish-matched mounting screws.

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