Wedding Chair Decoration Ideas - Decorate Your Room.

Wedding Chair Decoration Ideas

wedding chair decoration ideas

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Abbott- Fry Reception mosaic

Abbott- Fry Reception mosaic

Bold colors of tangerine and fuschia are beautifully put to use in the feminine and modern decoration of this reception at the Wedgewood Banquet Club in San Ramon, CA.
Clockwise (from top left): the cake with room decor, the headtable with adorable lighted arrangements, the tables were overlayed with a lovely sheer fuschia linen with a scrolled embroidery detail (hmmm... looks like the cake!), the orange was brought in beautifully with the simply tied chair accents and silk napkins (also note, the pink lights in the ceiling fixtures! =) great idea!)

Crooked Camera Disease

Crooked Camera Disease

I've recently developed a strong affinity for angling my camera harshly when I take photographs. This is actually a minor example of the habit, but it gives you an idea of what I mean. I started doing this sometime in the past year between now and when I shot my first pro wedding. Recently it was pointed out to me that the angles are becomming more disorienting and sure enough I'm finding as I go through my workflow that Photoshop or my camera are orienting the photos "wrong" because they don't understand my strange view of the world.

wedding chair decoration ideas

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