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???? Soup of Mountain Delicacies - ???? WeiYiShiFu

???? Soup of Mountain Delicacies - ???? WeiYiShiFu

???? Soup of Mountain Delicacies - ???? WeiYiShiFu CNY8 single serve

On our last night in Kunming, we set out to find an upmarket dining experience, and as it happens, we walked past a newly opened fancy looking restaurant and decided to give it a chance. The results on that fateful night, while not totally SS Minnow-esque, was not exactly the culmination of 5000 years of civilization either.

The dishes we tried were modern renditions of traditional dishes with a pretentious twist, mostly for visual appeal rather than taste. The pickled vegetables were the best dish of the night!

For some unknown reason, many dishes were overpowered by a sweet element, be it a dipping "sauce" of tinned sweetened condensed milk for the ????? Western-style Deep-fried Silver-thread Buns with Ham, or a watery syrup "glaze" over the ???? Dragon Eyes Burnt White, a savoury steamed glutinous rice studded with lotus seeds and sprinkled with luridly coloured candied peel.

Other dishes just seemed a bit bland and a waste of exciting ingredients. The ???? Four Wild Flowers was 4 types of flowers, each cooked in a different style, but with the inevitable addition of dried, fresh, or ground chillies, completely overpowering the subtle floral fragrances. Apart from the ??? jasmine and ??? pomegranate flowers, I had no idea what the There was ?? "gold flower" and ?? "white flower" were. Having just a pile of stir-fried flowers wasn't texturally interesting either, although the pomegranate flowers were definitely exotic for it's boxy prehistoric appearance.

We also had a ???? Soup of Mountain Delicacies, supposedly a starter, but arrived just before the dishes were cleared! The verdict, salty. Well, perhaps that is a bit harsh. At least it was rich and tasty, even if the flavours didn't stand out.

Overall, this was a disappointing and expensive experience. Perhaps we should have stuck with something more traditional, or perhaps we should have consulted local dining reviews.

???? WeiYiShiFu
??? ??? ??? 125? (????????????)
tel: 0871-313-8106

- ?? pickled radish and cabbage - complimentary
- ????? Western-style Deep-fried Gold-thread Buns with Ham CNY18
- ???? Dragon Eyes Burnt White CNY28
- ???? Four Wild Flowers CNY25 - ??? jasmine, ??? pomegranate, ?? "gold flower", ?? "white flower"
- ???? Soup of Mountain Delicacies CNY8 single serve
- fruit platter - complimentary
- decor
- seating
- tissue box
- Julia and Alpha
- feedback form

Great Smoky Mountains National Park 2

Great Smoky Mountains National Park 2

© 2010 Anderson Design Group, Inc. All rights reserved. Created by Andy Gregg and Joel Anderson

This limited edition print was created by the artists of Anderson Design Group in the tradition of vintage American travel posters from the 1920s, 30s and 40s. Using time-honored illustration and composition techniques popularized in the Golden Age of Poster Art, this print features contemporary imagery rendered in a vintage style.

mountain style decor

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